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Long time no blog :D, I have been having a fantastic awesomest time. To recap am now married (surprised :)
and I have a son handsome little hacker, and he *loves* OpenBSD and likes drooling on
mummy's laptop.

Anyway, I have been messing with BIND for a while now and I must say if you don't play with
these before you die you would *die* in vain. I have researched on making the web faster in .gh
DNS may seem like a very little performance upgrade and many argue that there is the google DNS well
apart from the fact that it sucks and can be a very dangerous tracking tool, how would hackers like
myself ever learn the sweet hardcore *very* fundamental intertube laws? huh huh!

Now on my travels through named(8), named.conf(5) and rndc(8), etc I taught up an idea that was
in 2009 to create a TLD called .nerd for all teh nerds in the world free then I was told that some one(s)
is controlling some root servers ICANN bastards, anyways so I thought to myself how do I laudarch
make my fellow nerds and geeks share their own custom domain names well I bought two IPs and
the source was with me.

So today I present you with two DNS IP addresses that ye *must* use in order to follow this order
use this as your resolver its a little faster than google's and at least from Ghana and I have
tried almost all the ISPs. Also you can resolve .nerd and .geek TLD names, if you have DNS servers please
forward you .nerds to my servers as they are the parent now.

The IPs are

Please try these and let me know if you like it or any issues you are facing or ideas you have, also registering .nerd names would be up in about a week from now please check http://qremiaevolution.org for more info.

To test the DNS once you have added the IPs to your systems try accessing
http://laudarch.nerd and http://laudarch.geek should you want to use .nerd and .geek nameservers use



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  1. can you please make this simpler , i find it a bit hard to understand and also how would i do it if i was using Fenix web server ?