University of Ghana Website hacked for 2+ years

I complained about University of Ghana being hacked by "someone" and having
cloaked ads inserted into their pages, well it seems no one took notice of this

So am going to loud mouth more details, remember this is not to disgrace or
tarnish the image of the webmaster of the University of Ghana website but it
is to awaken the spleepy and often loud and uneducatated bureaucrats in Ghana
at large. The problem with Ghana is more and more people are beginning to see
the advantages of IT and are greedily trying to squeeze everything out of anyone
that has knowledge or skills in this field.

Your site is hacked!, is a very scary statement and if I should approach them
I would get the you did huh! question which would piss me off and I'll probalbly
slap the shit out of someone in order to avoid that I can blog :)

To verify this absurd claim from moi(laudarch) do the following

its been a while so i just share.


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